To cook small quantity will need a small stainless steel pot (about 15 cm.wide). Using small pots allows you cook food in a small amount of liquid or solid and not dilute the taste of the food too much.

Never use a non-stick pots. The risks associated with to exposure of Teflon are magnified into baby’s tiny bodies.

Be vigilant about of your baby’s health, make it sure utensils tobe used are well sanitized and washed thoroughly.
If your little one is ready for solid foods, you have numerous nutritious options at the market, such as iron-fortified cereal to feed your baby.

By preparing your own homemade baby organic foods you may have variety of choices especially when your little ones are picky eaters.

You may choose variety of organic fruits, veggies, meats, eggs, fish and dairy products. In this case you can manage its natural flavor and its taste such as adding sugar and salt.

Wash and peel produce, remove any seeds or pits. Take an extra care with fruits and vegetables that are grown close to the ground as they may contain spores of clostridium and botulinum or may contain other harmful bacteria that can cause food poisoning.



process of cooking baby’s food is well recommended for food preparation, put a small amount of water and try not to over cook it in order that its valuable nutrients remain. Put in low fire or temperature until it completely cooked. When cooking meats and fish, remove all gristle, skin and bones before cooking.

Cook the foods very well to avoid digestion problem  of your baby.



This type of food processing You may use a mini food processor or stick blender for the puree like thermomix,   may also do it manually but make it sure the texture of the puree is appropriate to avoid the risk of choking your baby. Pureed food can be thinned if needed, by adding breastmilk, formula or water.

Cow’s milk and alternatives milk may not introduce from the first stage of their lives.


The most important part of serving baby’s food is its freshness. Fresh food provides nutrients for its force intact to nourish your baby and helps easy digestion.

Freezing  helps busy mommies to facilitate to preparation of their baby’s foods. Making up batches of foods and freezing in small portion in a container or ice block trays of foods is certainly remains its freshness. Always store baby’s foods in glass or BPA-free plastic containers.



I always defrosted cubes foods at a room temperature in a small bowl and put to bowl in boiling water for a few minutes ( like heating baby bottle). Babies don’t need their food too hot, just a bit above room temperature is fine. Sometimes I would place to bowl on to top basket of my steamer and steam it in a few minutes. This method involves no washing up it’s nutrients. You may also use small pots if need to heat an adequate amount of foods.

After heating solid foods, be sure to mix it thoroughly and check the temperature to avoid risk to burn your baby’s mouth.



Some mommies are experiencing this dilemma on their picky-eater babies/children. In my personal experience my children are also picky eaters. In this case, I am always ready to present some funny things, new toys and movie cartoons to watch. These are some solutions of mommies to get the appetite of their babies.  But, I realized that this is not an appropriate and healthy tricks for our children, I am just spoiling them.  It’s a long process feeding a picky-eater baby/child if you don’t know how to mingle the situation. Everyday I need to invent something new to have their attention to eat.

I have some researched that parent’s food preferences are linked to their children’s food preferences. This is probably not a big surprise since we love to prepare the foods we enjoy, so our children are more familiar with that group  of foods than others. Familiarity of the foods is the  key as our chilren need to be exposed to new foods more than 10 times before they try it.

Some tips to enjoy our children  new  foods we introduced are as follow:

*  Choose healthy fooods for yourself and  make sure that your own choices are in line  of the foods you want that your child to eat and enjoy.

*  Prepare your meal  together, giving your child the opportunity to  be hands on to prepare his own meal  makes him to  enjoy  and curious  how may it taste the food you’ve prepared.

*  Avoid showing disgusting facial expressions when introducing new  foods.  This may affect his interest to taste  the food.  Some studies  also occurred  a picky-eater baby inherits from his parents.




1)  Some babies/children are sensitive to the taste, smell or the texture of the food.

– You may offer some healthy food choices for your children like most.

– Before introducing new foods take time to let him taste 10 to 15 times before let him eat a large portion of the food.

–  Invent some tricky texture of the food you introduce like smashed foods, food shapes and how does the food cooked. The texture of the foods is one factor how you engaged your children’s interest introducing new foods.

–  Consult your children’s health care provider about the  nutritional concerns.


2)  Some chilren are picky to try new foods based on their temperament.

–  Prepare new foods next to the foods he likes most, Try to encourage him to touch, smell and taste  even a small amount of the new food.

–  Avoid preparing meals in a long period of time, simplify its preparation in order to get the peak of his apetite to introduce new foods.


3)  Some children seem to be picky because they want to eat their foods with their own

–  Offer your child a spoon to hold while you’re feeding him. This let’s him feel comfortable and make him   to get  his interestest to eat his food.

–  Let him  to be hands on of serving and eating  his own food.


4)  Some  children are active and they maybe seem picky because they don’t want to stay on their seats for long.

–  Prepare your child’s meal before you let him sit down.

– Try to minimize the mealtimes in order that your child won’t get bored.

–  Introduce only good  and healthy foods for your child and have some nutritious snacks be ready in order for him to facilitate the prepation when he feels hungry.


5)  Some children have medical issues that make its difficulty to swallow  or digest certain foods.

– In this case you may consult   his pediatrician  or any other medical consultants  for his secured health issues.


  Never insist  or forced your child to eat foods which he doesn’t like to eat, the phenomenon may get a trauma to eat new introduced foods. This may affect his psychological aspects and remains forever in his mind.  Your job is to provide a healthy food choices, good meal and snack. And your child’s job is to decide which of these healthy foods to eat. When you let this happen your child learns  to listen  to his body and make healthy food choices.  It helps us parents to facilitate to introduce new foods for them.



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