Hello everyone and welcome to my    Organic foods for Babies website . I’m a mother of three children and passionate of my children’s health from the first days of  their lives.

Being a mother grown up in a country side I used to consume Organic foods, because in my place  we are rich of these kind of foods. Which is I want also to adopt my kids to eat organic foods.

Organic foods really matters for me when it comes to my baby’s health because it is rich in Vitamins and Minerals and healthier foods . That’s why I choose Organic foods for them.



Organic foods – A broadly defined category of food which, in the purest form it grown without chemical fertilizers or pesticides and sold to the consumer without adding preservatives and synthetic food enhancers.



1) Limited Chemical Exposure. It’s the lack of chemical exposure that can make people choose organic baby food over those that conventionally grown. The toxins in pesticides can cause a host of problems that can affect brain development, growth rate and overall health.

2) Better Mental Health. Since there is a direct correlation between diet and disease, the risk for ADD, depression, and concentration problems can lowered by eating organic baby food.

3) Better Physical Health. According to a nutritional, It was found that two-year old who ate exclusively organic dairy products had fewer incidents of eczema and wheezing. This can be very important as more children are being diagnosed with asthma.

4) Environmentally Friendly. Non-Organic foods are sprayed with chemicals. Though these chemicals are designed to stay on the plant, a portion will wash off when it rains and be absorbed into the surrounding soil and ground water, affecting the wildlife.

5) They Taste Better. No matter what research has to say about organic foods, there’s no denying that they just denying that they taste better. When starting solids, I want my baby’s palate to enjoy what it experiences from day one.



There are lot of sites that are selling Organic foods for babies nowadays. This kind of activity is a kinda lucrative.

Some of these are Amazon, Mama Natural, Organic Wellness, Ella’s Kitchen, Gerber and many other sites online. You can find also some local shops in your place if you prefer.


Organic Foods for Babies

As a mother the most Important to me is the health and wellness of my babies . I am always attentive and aware of what kind of foods I’m preparing for them.

Nowadays Organic foods are the most expensive stuff in the market, but no matter how much I spend on their foods and necessities as long as they are all well and healthy. Better spend my money to my babies on their healthy foods than spending to their health issues.

Furthermore, preparing Organic foods for my  babies helps me on their healthy growth and mental aspect. So on this case I’m highly recommended THE  ORGANIC FOODS FOR BABIES.


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I am Gina Carig Anagaran married with three active children. I was grown up in countryside in the Philippines where we cultivated rice and some organic crops with my family. I'd love to stay in my hometown unfortunately it's not that easy when it terms to my parent's financial status. So I decided to move in Italy after my studies to find my fortune hoping to change my financial status. But working so hard and having multi task is not so easy, especially when family becoming numerous. In fact I am here in Venice, Italy for more than 20 years with my family but nothing has change. My children are grown up and expenses is also increasing, now that they are going to college. I and my husband tried a lot of business in the Philippines hoping to go home for good soon but nothing prosper. I let him go home with my kids to start with our new business right now and for the mean time I'm still here in Venice working. Staying away from my family especially to my kids is really hard, everyday is like a life sentence for me. Recently I am alone here in Venice with my family away from me. I am working in a luxury hotel. Since I am alone I get some part time job on bed & breakfast to sustain my family's needs. I'm hoping to end up soon this miles away from my family doing some business online right now to stay together with my family. The Author, Gina Carig Anagaran

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